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Hayley Erin’s Thrilling Tale of Pursuit, Redemption, And Secrets As Jessica Murdock In ‘New Life’

Audiences are all set to experience the intense thrilling journey of Hayley Erin in 'New Life.'

Hayley Erin posted on Instagram, sharing a trailer for her upcoming thriller ‘New Life,’ and mentioned, “This new movie brought a lot of hard work and emotion.”

She expressed her pride in the film and everyone involved, adding, “I’m excited to share it with you all.”


  • “New Life” is an intense and complex thriller directed by John Rosman, promising to captivate audiences with its suspenseful storyline.
  • The film follows the parallel journeys of two women, Jessica and Elsa, in a post-apocalyptic world, leading to a harrowing confrontation.
  • Hayley Erin’s character, Jessica Murdock, finds herself on the way toward the Canadian border, facing threats and challenges.

John Rosman‘s upcoming movie is an intense and complex thriller that captivates viewers from every angle, fulfilling the aspirations of debut filmmakers.

This movie follows Jessica, a mysterious woman on the run, and Elsa, a skilled fixer hired to find and capture her.

Audiences will experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they follow the intertwined stories of the two characters, and the chase reaches catastrophic levels.

Let’s delve into what happened to Hayley Erin’s character, Jessica Murdock, in her upcoming thriller.

The Fate of Hayley Erin’s Character, Jessica Murdock, in ‘New Life’


New Life

A mysterious woman ran away, and the resourceful fixer was assigned to bring her in. Their unique stories intertwined as the chase escalated to intense levels.


Horror Drama Thriller
Sonya WalgerElsa Gray
Tony AmendolaRaymond Reed
Hayley ErinJessica Murdock

“New Life” follows the parallel journeys of two women in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The first woman, Jessica (portrayed by Hayley Erin), is hiding away from people with guns, seeking refuge and safety.

Jessica’s life takes a dramatic turn when she finds herself on the run towards the Canadian border, fearing that she is wanted for murder.

With her only hope for escape in crossing the Canadian border, Jessica tries to hide and remain safe until she can begin again in her new life there.

As tension gradually rises, it becomes clear midway through that she possesses something that threatens anyone she encounters, though Jessica remains unaware of this reality.

This unexpected revelation shifts the story into a different genre and introduces a ticking time bomb element.

Close behind Jessica is Elsa (played by Sonya Walger), assigned to take over the hunt.

However, a recent life-changing diagnosis puts her at a disadvantage, slowing her progress in catching up to Jessica.

Elsa found out that she has ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Much to her surprise, her body gradually becomes unresponsive to her commands.

Despite the challenges posed by her illness, Elsa keeps it hidden from her colleagues and presses on with her mission.

As their chase narrows to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Elsa gets closer to catching Jessica.

Soon, the pursuit comes to a head with a harrowing confrontation between the two women, searching for meaning and redemption.

Jessica, battered and isolated, embarks on her journey while the woman tasked with hunting her down receives the directive, “We need you to end this.”

Yet, when the mission reaches its climax, will Elsa be capable of pulling the trigger on Jessica?

The Road To Peace Films believes that, with strong performances, a compelling storyline, and stunning cinematography, ‘New Life’ will linger in the mind long after the credits roll.

To uncover the secrets and thrills of this story, be sure to watch “New Life,” which will be released in theaters and streaming platforms on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Additional Information

  • Injecting fresh energy into the genre, this superbly performed and atmospheric horror thriller, New Life, signifies a promising debut for John Rosman.
  • Following its successful premieres at the 2023 Montreal Fantasia Film Festival and FrightFest, where it received positive reviews, the film received a release date for theaters and on-demand on May 3, 2024.
  • The film has received an R rating for its use of language and depiction of violence.
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