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Potential Concerns Surrounding Luke Kleintank’s Health Emerge Following His Departure from FBI: International

In FBI: International, Luke's character, Scott Forrester, was injured in an explosion.

Luke Kleintank is leaving the CBS series FBI: International after three seasons as Scott Forrester.

Kleintank is an American actor well-known for playing Finn Abernathy on Bones and has starred in movies like Max, Dark House, Midway, and Sacrifice.


  • Luke Kleintank officially announced his departure from the CBS series “FBI: International.”
  • His commitment to his family drives Kleintank’s decision to leave the show.
  • Luke is not sick and is living a perfectly healthy life.

Since 2021, Kleintank has been playing as the FBI fly team unit in the FBI: International before officially announcing his departure from the CBS series.

Talking about his character, Luke played the lead role of Scott Forrester on that series since the show’s inception.

Kleintank’s last episode as Forrester aired on May 7, 2024, and the show introduced a new character, Colin Donnell, to replace Forrester.

The show’s creator, Derek Haas, mentioned that Kleintank had taken a break from the series due to family reasons.

Is his departure from the series due to illness or other personal reasons? Let’s explore the truth behind his exit.

Luke Kleintank’s Departure From The Show Is Unrelated To His Health Condition

There is no news of Luke Kleintank being sick. Although Kleintank has decided to leave the show FBI: International after three seasons, his departure is not due to any illness.

In an interview, Kleintank explained his character’s exit, saying that Scott Forrester was written off the show without being killed, leaving the possibility for him to return.

The show’s creative team has brought in a new character, Amanda Tate, played by Christina Wolfe, to lead the team following Forrester’s departure.

Kleintank’s withdrawal from the show appears to be because of his family commitment to his wife, Christina Vignaud, and their 1-year-old daughter, Ruby Roland, rather than due to any health issues.

In an interview, Kleintank mentioned,

“After much thought and consideration, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave FBI International,This decision is driven by my unwavering commitment to my family, whose love and well-being are paramount in my life.


However, in the reel Life, Luke’s character, Scott Forrester, was injured in an explosion.

People may have mistakenly assumed Luke was sick because his character on screen was injured. Despite speculation, he seems to be in good health in real life.

In the season 3 episode of the respective series, Forrester was not explicitly shown missing or dead. Instead, the episode focused on Smitty (Eva-Jane Willis) and her family.

However, it is hinted that Forrester’s fate may be addressed in the future as a billionaire killer who offered to exchange information about Forrester’s location.

Additional Information

  • Luke Kleintank’s final episode on FBI: International aired on May 7, 2024.
  • Kleintank is an American actor of Dutch and German descent.
  • Luke is married to Christina Vignaud, daughter of Argentine diplomat Juan Carlos Vignaud.
  • He went to New York City to pursue his acting career and made his television debut as Greg in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
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