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Devin Druid AKA Adam Faulkner Finds Himself In Between The Political Rivalry In Movie Founders Day

Adam Faulkner, a student faces bereaving fear as the slasher heads to massacre the town.

Devin Druid plays Adam Faulkner, son of a wheedling politician, amidst the heated mayoral election in the heart of a town in New England.

Founders Day” is a chilling American slasher flick directed by Erik Bloomquist.


  • Adam Faulkner is the brother of Mellisa, whose life was taken by slasher when she was romantically involved with her girlfriend, Allison.
  • Adam is heartbroken over break up with his girlfriend lilly, being Adam and Lilly the offspring of political rival families.
  • Even after the split, Adam askes well-being of Lilly in a text message before invaded by slasher.

It revolves around a string of homicides that occur just before a small town’s big 300th-anniversary bash.

The movie debuted at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival in August 2023 and hit theaters across the US on January 19, 2024.

Erik Bloomquist’s Founders Day Official Trailer

Besides Devin Druid, the cast includes talents like Naomi Grace, William Russ, Amy Hargreaves, Catherine Curtin, Emilia McCarthy, and Olivia Nikkanen.

Warning: This post adds some interesting plot points to keep the audience intrigued without revealing any spoilers.

Devin Druid As Adam Faulkner Fate Remains Undecided


Founders Day

Judge Look-Like Slasher Comes After The Town Pupils


Horror Political Satire
Released DateJanuary 19, 2024 (US Theatrical Release)
CastsNaomi Grace
Devin Druid
William Russ
DirectorsErik Bloomquist
WritersErik Bloomquist
Carson Bloomquist

The trailer showcases Melissa and Alison, two teenage girls in love, sharing a sweet moment on a bridge.

But their happiness is shattered when one of them, Melissa, is brutally attacked by a mysterious figure wearing a scary mask.

In “Founders Day,” Devin Druid, known for his role in “13 Reasons Why,” takes on the character of Adam Faulkner, Melissa’s brother and Harold’s estranged son.

His chemistry with Naomi Grace‘s character, Allison, is particularly noteworthy and adds depth to their interactions on screen.

Adam remains as oblivious as Allison, who’s equally distraught with the demise of Melissa and the creepy attacker hovering around the town.

As the slasher’s actions mirror a court judge’s actions, suspense builds around whether Adam will survive the ordeal.

The review team of Road To Peace Films finds it’s a nail-biting journey in which the outcome rests in the hands of fate.

Adam Faulkner Still Cares For His Ex-Girlfriend, Lilly

Faulkner recently experienced a heartbreaking breakup with Lilly, Blair’s daughter, and Lilly and Adam, hailing from rival political families.

Adam is also supposedly jealous, “Ivory League” type, as described by Rob, who is now dating Lilly, Adam’s ex and the Mayor’s daughter.

Tensions rise when Adam and Lilly clash during a mock policy debate organized by Mr. Jackson, their friendly teacher.

However, lingering sparks between the former couple seem to fizzle out after that encounter.

Despite their breakup, Adam still reaches out to Lilly to check on her well-being before the show.

However, the trailer hints at ominous events as the slasher lurks behind Lilly in a room, seemingly alone.

The suspense leaves viewers eager to uncover the fate of Lilly and who will step up to protect her. Will Adam or Lilly’s current boyfriend, Rob, come to her rescue?

Additional Information

  • The filming, with cameraman Mike Magilnick, occurred from September to mid-October 2022 in New Milford, Connecticut. Various locations were used, such as the city park, the Bank Street Theater, and the city hall.
  • “Founders Day” garnered a 46% approval rating from the 37 critics listed on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of 5.3 out of 10 points.
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