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Benjamin Bratt Mother Eldy Banda Raised Him Single-Handedly

Benjamin Bratt's Father Left His Mom To Raise Their Five Kids Alone

Benjamin Bratt mother, Eldy Banda, is his biggest inspiration. The lady was a nurse, political activist, and matriarch of the Bratt household.

Mother of the Bride is almost here! The Netflix movie stars Brooke Shields as a doting mom, Lana, who attends her daughter Emma’s wedding on a tropical island resort.

Key Takeaways

  • Benjamin Bratt grew up with five siblings despite coming from a single-parent household.
  • The Hollywood sensation’s activism is all thanks to his mother, Eldy Banda, a political activist.
  • Benjamin Bratt is of mixed ethnicity and has Quechua, American, English, Austrian, and German descent.

To her dismay, the groom’s father (Benjamin Bratt) is the man who broke Lana’s heart years ago. Lana wants her daughter to be happy but struggles with lingering feelings for Will.

Benjamin Bratt and Brooke Shields’ chemistry is already exceptional, and fans eagerly anticipate whether their characters will have a happy ending.

Benjamin Bratt Mother, Eldy Banda, Was An Activist

Behind every successful man is a woman, and Bratt is no exception. His mother, Eldy Banda, was born in Peru and moved to the USA at fourteen.

Eldy inherited her positivity and loving quality from her abuela, Petronila “Petra” Calderon Tejada. Petra was also behind her shift to America, where she built a whole new life.

What sets Benjamin Bratt’s mom apart from others is her activist work. She is of Quechua origin and taught her kids to rally and protest on behalf of Native Americans.

The mother-son duo also participated in the 1969 Alcatraz Island takeover, a 19-month-long protest that attracted participants from all over the country.

Benjamin is still actively involved in social justice issues and frequently collaborates with the American Indian Friendship House in Oakland, California.

Benjamin Bratt’s Father Left His Mom To Raise Their Five Kids Alone

After relocating to America, Eldy Banda moved with her grandmother into a mansion in Pacific Heights. Petra was a domestic worker for the family of that house at the time.

Sadly, she passed away after two years, and the wealthy family adopted Eldy. Unfortunately, Banda’s rags-to-riches lifestyle only lasted until she married Benjamin Bratt’s dad, Peter Bratt Sr.

Peter was a sheet metal worker of English, German, and Austrian origin. But he was never much present in his kids’ lives, as he up and left them within seven years of his marriage with Eldy.

Bratt Sr. started another family after his divorce. Banda was left to raise their five kids: Benjamin, Peter, Veruschka, Georgia, and Nadya Bratt, all alone.

As emotionally devastated as she was, my mother knew that for her kids to survive, we needed to be near the family that we knew. She bought a house two blocks away from my father, which was also near some aunts and uncles and other cousins.

From Esquire

Benjamin Bratt’s mother worked as a nurse and single-handedly raised him and his four siblings. She was a hands-on mom who did everything from getting her kids through college to keeping them out of jail.

Ms. Banda is still a busy bee in her late eighties. She is full of energy, enthusiasm, and zest for life. Benjamin proudly speaks of his mom and expresses his gratitude to her.

Additional Information About Benjamin Bratt

  • Benjamin Bratt’s younger brother, Peter Bratt, is a filmmaker who debuted with the feature film Follow Me Home in 1996.
  • The Mother of the Bride actor married former model and actress Talisa Soto on April 13, 2002.
  • Benjamin is the proud father of two kids, Mateo Bravery and Sophia Rosalinda Bratt.
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