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‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Roxy Sternberg Anticipates Arrival of Second Child

Roxy Sternberg worked hard on 'FBI: Most Wanted' even after being nine months pregnant.

Roxy Sternberg’s commitment to her television career is unquestionable! Despite being nine months pregnant, she continued filming scenes for her role as Special Agent Sheryll Barnes on “FBI: Most Wanted.”

Interestingly, this isn’t Roxy Sternberg’s first pregnancy during the FBI: Most Wanted run.


  • Roxy Sternberg announced her second pregnancy through her social media.
  • Despite expecting, she remains integral to the show’s fifth season, showing her ability to balance her personal and professional life.
  • While Sternberg occasionally shares glimpses of her personal life on social media, details about her romantic relationship with alleged partner Flax remain private.

Sternberg is already a mother to a son who was born in 2022, reportedly with her partner Flax.

Roxy announced her pregnancy on Twitter in December 2021, revealing that she was expecting a baby in April of the following year.

Once again, in 2024, after she uploaded a picture with a baby bump on her social media, netizens eagerly sought glimpses into Roxy’s personal life, especially concerning her baby.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Actress Roxy Sternberg Is Expecting A Second Child In May 2024

Roxy Sternberg shared some joyous news, mentioning that she is pregnant with her second child.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, she discussed how the show manages her pregnancy as the fifth season progresses.

Also, on March 6, 2024, Roxy Sternberg uploaded a picture of herself with her son, mentioning,

She has posted photos of herself dressed in Barnes’ bulletproof jacket and holding her real-life baby bump, which ultimately confirms her current pregnancy.

The fifth season is set to be shorter than usual due to the WGA writer’s strike and SAG-AFTRA actor’s strike delays, although the show did hit a milestone early this year.

It’s possible that the shorter season means Sternberg filming for all the episodes before taking maternity leave, although we can only speculate on that front.

Despite the actress’s pregnancy, the character’s storyline in the series won’t necessarily reflect this.

However, she remains integral to upcoming episodes, as evidenced by exclusive set photos showing her in action with a smile on March 27.

Roxy Sternberg’s Undisclosed Relationship With Alleged Partner Flax

Details about Roxy Sternberg’s romantic life remain somewhat private, but she seems to be in a relationship based on her social media posts.

It is speculated that her partner’s name is Flax, and they have been together since 2016.

Roxy tweeted in July 2021, thanking “clever Flax” for taking a photo of her on the London Underground.

Roxy has also shared a Facebook photo of herself cozying up to a man dressed in a suit and tie, hinting at a romantic connection. She captioned,

“Thought about all the flowery quotes that could accompany this pic… nothing stuck,” she wrote in her caption. “I’m very grateful to be on this ride with you! You’ve taught me so much. The light’s been turned on. Let’s keep pushing together.”

Despite sharing occasional glimpses of her personal life, Roxy Sternberg tends to maintain a low profile regarding her personal affairs, aligning with the privacy practices of many other celebrities.

Additional Information

  • Roxy Sternberg is a British actress from Hammersmith, London, and was born to Bernard and Flora Sternberg.
  • After graduating from Royal Holloway University in London, she swiftly secured her debut role as the lead in the British urban cult comedy “IT’S A LOT.”
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