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Love Island Georgia Harrison Weight Loss Before And After: Reasons For Her Skinny Looks

Georgia Harrison disclosed about losing 5 kg in a week.

Georgia Harrison’s weight loss announcement met with more criticism than praise. Many wondered about her quick results.

Georgia Harrison is once again in the headlines. However, this time, it’s for her public feud with her ex-boyfriend Anton Danyluk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Georgia Harrison’s weight loss reveal was more debatable than inspiring. A famous person in the industry also criticized her.
  • The Love Island alum apologized for her insensitive post but also defended her right to lose weight.
  • Georgia Harrison is still a sight to behold. She works out in the gym to maintain her toned physique.

The former couple had an awkward run-in at the BAFTAs this week. To make matters worse, Danyluk was with his new date, Hannah Olivia Kenyon.

Georgia and Anton only split last month, and since then, they have been throwing shady, salty digs at one another.

During their latest face-off, Harrison must have felt humiliated and angry. As such, she responded with an F-word to her ex-partner’s civilian hi.

Georgia Harrison Weight Loss Reveal Shocked Everyone

This is not the first time Harrison has been subject to public scrutiny. She once received significant backlash for revealing her weight loss.

The Love Island alum posted an Instagram post while holding a bottle of electrolyte water. She claimed to have lost 5 kg in a week and credited it to Wow Hydrate Drinks.

I lost 5 Kilo’s in one week! I’ve always been someone who doesn’t mind fluctuating in weight and that’s because i know for a fact i have the mindset to burn it off quickly and efficiently.

Using @wowhydrate drinks as a great way of assisting my training i lost 5k in a week.

From Mirror

TOWIE star Maria Fowler criticized Georgia for her post, commenting, “eating disorders are rife and social media only adds to that pressure.”

Harrison’s followers were not happy, either. Many disagreed with her weight loss tip of losing 5 kilos weekly; some even unfollowed her after the post.

The Love Island star deleted her IG post and apologized to her followers. She revealed she wasn’t paid to promote the product and mistakenly wrote 5 kg instead of 5 lbs.

Georgia also defended her decision to lose weight. She shared how she shed extra pounds by training, eating healthy, and joining weekly boot camps.

Georgia Harrison Sports Toned Physique And Hard Abs

The former Love Island contestant is no longer skinny. In her recent pictures, she looks healthier and fitter compared to her before photos.

Georgia was once captured sweating off at No1 Bootcamp in Heacham, Norfolk. She had previously lost 6.5 lbs in a week at the same Bootcamp.

Harrison does pull-ups, boxing, weight lifts, tire flipping, and box jumps. Her workout session focuses on cardio and strength training.

The television personality often shares clips of her gym session on her social media handles. She also takes protein, vitamins, and iron tablets.

Additional Information About Georgia Harrison

  • Georgia Harrison lost her childhood best friend, Cenk Fahri, to leukemia. It was a traumatizing experience for her.
  • The English television personality appeared in The Only Way Is Essex in 2014 before debuting in Love Island’s third season.
  • Georgia Harrison has appeared in many reality TV shows, such as The Challenge: War of the Worlds, Love Island: All Stars, and Celebrity Ex on the Beach.
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