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Jensen Ackles Brother In Real Life Is Joshua Ackles

Jensen Ackles' brother, Joshua Ackles, is not part of the entertainment industry.

Jensen Ackles’s brother, Joshua Ackles, is not in showbiz, so many people are unfamiliar with him.

Jensen Ackles’ surprise entry on CBS Tracker’s episode 12 couldn’t have been better. A week before the series introduced Melissa Roxburgh as Colter Shaw’s sister.

Key Takeaways

  • Jensen Ackles has two siblings: an elder brother, Josh, and a younger sister, Mckenzie.
  • The Supernatural actor has a nephew with Down Syndrome.
  • Joshua Ackles maintains a low-key life in Texas with his family of five.

Ackles portrayed Colter’s brother, Russell, who has been estranged from the family. He is also suspected to be responsible for their dad’s demise.

The episode Off the Books was all about family drama right off the bat. Russell suddenly appears in Colter’s trailer and has a heart-to-heart conversation with him.

Russell also assures Colter he didn’t push their dad off a cliff. He thinks the perpetrator was someone he had seen before talking to their mom.

Jensen Ackles Brother Joshua Ackles Is Older Than Him

Following Jensen’s entry as Colter’s brother in Tracker, fans have shown interest in learning about his real-life siblings.

The Supernatural star has a big brother named Joshua Ackles, aka Josh Ackles. He was born on December 19, 1974.

Although Josh is not involved in the entertainment industry, he doesn’t miss out on his baby brother’s single project.

In an interview, Jensen once shared an adorable moment of his brother’s protectiveness. Apparently, Joshua walked off in anger after watching Jensen’s character, Dean, getting beaten up by Lucifer.

My real life brother watched that episode (swan song), and he said he had to stand up and walk off in anger. He was like, ‘all i saw was my little brother getting beat up. i was so upset.

From Tumblr

The Tracker actor frequently shares pictures of Josh on his social media handles.

Josh Ackles Is Married With Three Children

Ackles is happily married to his wife, Ali Bitros Ackles. The latter is an educational diagnostician.

The couple live in Sanches, Texas, with their three sons. Josh Ackles’ wife has been vocal about their youngest boy, Levi’s Down Syndrome diagnosis.

Levi’s condition also made his parents become activists to raise awareness about special needs children. Ali frequently shares her experiences about raising her little man on Facebook.

Josh Ackles’ other son, Lincoln Ackles, is diagnosed with ADHD. The latter only showed ADHD characteristics at the end of his fourth grade.

Ali and Josh took Lincoln to many psychologists, but none could give an Acronym for his condition. Finally, they tried Brain Balance, which saved their son.

Currently, the pair are actively raising fundraisers for people with Down Syndrome. For instance, Team Levi raised $27K for the Buddy Walk in 2016.

Additional Information About Jensen And Josh Ackles

  • Jensen and Joshua Ackles have a little sister named Mckenzie.
  • The Ackles siblings come from an acting household. Their dad, Alan Roger Ackles, was an actor who appeared in Devour, Supernatural, and Prison Break.
  • Like his brother, Jensen Ackles shares three children, Justice, Arrow, and Zeppelin, with his wife, Danneel Ackles.
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